PM Kidz is excited to offer ear piercing at our office. For more information about ear piercing, please read the information and FAQs below.  

Piercings Available

The only location on the body available for piercing is the ear lobe. We will pierce a total of two earlobes – one earring in each earlobe.


Ear Piercing Fees (fees include piercing, earrings and after care instructions)

$50 – 24 karat gold plated

$65– 24 karat gold plated with simulated diamond

Ear piercings are not covered by insurance. All payments for this service are due on the date of service prior to the procedure.

Ear Piercing FAQs

What are the advantages of having your child’s ears pierced at a pediatrician’s office?

When having the procedure performed in a medical office you have professional care from someone trained in medical technique and wound management. It also gives you ready access to medical professionals for any questions, problems, or concerns before, during, or after the procedure.

How old must my child be to have his/her ears pierced?

Ear piercing is available for any child 4 months of age to 24 months of age. It is recommended that the child receive at least 2 rounds of vaccinations prior to ear piercing. The child must be able to remain calm and still during the procedure. The clinical staff reserves the right to cancel the procedure if they feel, for any reason, that the situation may be unsafe due to a child’s unwillingness to cooperate.

Do you offer piercing of any body part other than the earlobe?


Do you use a piercing gun and what kinds of earrings are used?

No, we do not use a piercing gun. The earrings are in a sterile cartridge attached to a piercing device. They are made of a gold or diamond-like stud with a gold-plated base and post. We offer 24 karat gold plated earrings.

Will it hurt?

The child can experience a pinch and stinging sensation, similar to a vaccine injection, during the procedure.

What are the risks?

Ear piercing is a minor surgical procedure with similar risk to stitches. Despite precautions, there is a small chance of infection, scarring or allergic reactions. Some people are prone to scarring and there is a small risk that a person could develop a keloid (an overgrown scar) formation at the piercing site. We do ask that you sign an informed consent waiver at the time of the procedure to verify that you have been notified of these risks.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact us by phone or email to ask one of our friendly staff members.


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