Zits. Periods. Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll. These are just some of the issues that teens have to deal with during their adolescent years.

It helps having medical providers who understand the medical and emotional issues that many teens face.

It’s for this reason that Dr. CharlRe’ Slaughter-Atiemo has developed a specialized teen and young adult program for patients ages 12-25, to help address this transition from childhood to adulthood. Our aim is to provide high-quality medical care to youth throughout the adolescent years, with a focus on respecting individuality, supporting physical and emotional growth and development, and educating and empowering teens to ultimately take ownership of their healthcare and life decisions.   

Our team promotes an environment that recognizes adolescent’s need for specialized care and trust, while also including collaboration with family members and significant others.

Services We Provide

We treat a full spectrum of conditions. Listed are some of the conditions we treat. Don’t see a condition listed? Call us for more information.

  • Acne treatment
  • Contraception
  • Delayed puberty
  • Eating and feeding disorders
  • Gender identity and sexual development concerns
  • Menstrual cycle issues (absent, irregular, heavy or infrequent menstrual bleeding) 
  • Mood disorders (including anxiety and depression)
  • Obesity prevention and management
  • Primary adolescent/young adult well-care visits, including check-ups, sports physicals and immunizations
  • Reproductive health counseling (pregnancy diagnosis and referral)
  • Sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Tobacco cessation treatment and/or referral
  • Transgender care and transition planning referral
  • Young men’s health services

The Adolescent Visit

Adolescence is a crucial time for yearly well checks. Although adolescents tend to be healthy patients, they are undergoing huge changes physically, cognitively, emotionally, and socially. While younger children need their parents in the room for reassurance and to provide a good medical history, adolescents need some private time with their provider.

The health care provider will start by meeting with the parent and teen together to address any mutual concerns. Then the parent will be asked to leave the exam room so the provider can address adolescent issues and perform a physical exam.This is done to allow adolescents time to discuss issues they are concerned about and have privacy during their examination. Many parents appreciate that we take the time to address these adolescent issues. Some parents feel concerned about this private time, imagining that this time is being used to divulge secrets of the teen. It is important for teenagers to begin developing their own relationship and rapport with their healthcare provider, separate from the relationship that may exist between their parents and the provider.

It is important that the teenager has private time to ask questions or discuss concerns that might be hard to talk about in front of the parent.

We want our teens to learn to practice self-advocacy in order to prepare them for a successful transition to adult healthcare.

Topics that will be discussed include personal safety, mental health, smoking, alcohol and drug use, sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, reproductive health, contraception, nutrition, exercise, sports, making good choices, and social issues. These discussions will remain confidential unless there is a risk to the adolescent or he/she allows us to discuss them with the parent. Studies have shown that if the goal of the parents and the provider is the good health and safety of the adolescent patient, then assurance of confidentiality is crucial to the teen. On the other hand, the providers will be honest about the need to break confidentiality if the teen discloses information that suggests that he/she is in danger.

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